5th July 2016

Government’s role in Vaastu Business – Part 16 of “Is Vaastu a Science or Superstition?”

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6th June 2016

Babu Gogineni on Humanism, Science and Religion – Part 2 (Excerpts)

Babu Gogineni, a Humanist, prominent speaker discusses about Humanism, secularism, Religion and Science
27th May 2016

Babu Gogineni on Humanism and Science – Part 1 (Excerpts)

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25th May 2016

Basic Principles and History of Humanism | Telugu | తెలుగు లో – బి సాంబశివరావు (MVV )

This video deals with the Basics of Humanism and a brief history of Humanism. This is the first video in the series "Humanism in Telugu". Speaker: B Samba Siva Rao (Manava Vikasa Vedika) Edited: Raavan Produced and Directed: Siva Yenduri Please leave a comment/feedback in the comment section and tell us which topic you would like us to teach in our future videos. Please subscribe to this channel for more videos on Atheism, Humanism, Rationalism and many topics on Science. Videos with English Subtitles will be added soon.